Are You Pragmatic About Your Fitness?

Pragmatic Fitness There are a lot of ideas out there as to what is best, what you must do to succeed. The blogosphere is full of how to’s, must do’s, and set in stone programs. I admit that when writing to a huge (internet) audience, you tend to fall into the follow this-follow that type…

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Do You Live For The Muscle Pump?

Don’t chase the pump, but understand why you love the pump. Everyone has experienced that moment when their intended muscle is gorged with blood and the muscle feels and looks full! This is the “pump” that as we have all come to hear about and love. A lot of programs these days promote lifting to…

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7 Tips To Stay Lean Over Summer

ocean picture

Easy to follow tips to stay lean this summer With many parts of the country enjoying warm weather already, and with the rest following shortly, it’s time to go over 7 tips to stay lean over summer. Hopefully you stay fairly lean year around, but many like to get their leanest before summer.  You have…

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How To Avoid Overtraining

tired from overtraining

Are you tired, burnt out, or lacking motivation? It is far too common these days to hear that overtraining doesn’t exist. I call bullshit! It certainly does exist, especially if you are a natural guy. The guys promoting that you can lift 6-7 days a week are on steroids or the handful of genetic freaks who…

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Do You Care How You Dress?

Dapper Dressed

You Should Care How You Dress I often get asked by friends and people around me (men) why they should dress well, or care. There are a number of reasons you should care but I want to go over some reasons I started to care, a few things I have observed, and why you should…

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