Muscle Hack Series – Part 2

A man showing his back muscles

Muscle Hack Series. Part 2 of 3: Back (Lats) In part one of this series we covered the upper chest, which is a key area of development for an aesthetically pleasing body that looks great in nice clothing.  BUT I think this next muscle hack is the most important of all.  The reason I didn’t…

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Muscle Hack Series – Part 1

muscular chest

Muscle Hack Series. Part 1 of 3: Upper Chest In this Muscle Hack Series I’m going to cover three specific areas that will transform your physique’s appearance.  Dapper Fitness is about having an aesthetically pleasing body, and dressing great! We are going to be covering the aesthetically pleasing part in this series and some simple,…

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Swim Trunks

Surf board laying on the beach

The Dapper Swim Trunk With North America approaching Spring time and warmer weather, I feel it’s necessary to address some ideas on purchasing the right swim trunks. Every guy should own some swim trunks, you may need them for a vacation, the hot tub, the beach, or maybe you’re lucky and have a pool. Ideally…

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The Forgotten Bicep

Brachialis – the often forgotten muscle of the upper arm. If you are not familiar with this muscle, see the picture below (it’s in the middle)   You already involve this muscle when training your arms, especially with movements like EZ bar curls. However, I’ve recently added direct Brachialis training and have seen great results. Benefits…

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The Sport Coat

The Sport Coat Every guy should own a sport coat/jacket. The terms get interchanged these days as sport coats have taken on a wider range of styles. The sport coat should become a very common piece amongst your daily wearables, almost a second skin. This piece can separate you from the average Joe in a…

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