Low Carb. Low T.

Carbohydrates And Testosterone:

This is why you need carbohydrates for high T levels.

Testosterone is king when it comes to anabolic hormones. I don’t need to do a big overview of what it is, but you know it’s important. It helps keep you lean, muscular, and overall healthy. It is important to keep your T levels high in general, but especially so if you want a lean, dense muscular body that looks great in and out of clothes. If you want a full in-depth guide about Testosterone optimization, I recommend checking out TestShock.

Test Diagram

Testosterone Chemical Structure

It is very common these days to villainize a macro nutrient. It once was dietary fat, now it is carbohydrates. After all, the media has to have something to talk about. If they told you to eat a balanced diet with protein, fats, and carbs, they would have nothing to discuss.

Carbs are not the bad guy at all. In fact, they are hugely important for Testosterone production.

Yes, there are medical reasons that one may have to omit or limit a macro nutrient. But in general, we are going to cover why carbohydrates are important and should be part of your daily food intake.

Here is why Carbohydrates are important to T levels.

1 – This study (Link) shows that men who ate higher carbohydrates had higher Testosterone levels after 10 days.  Take a look at the study for more in depth details. But in short, the higher carbohydrate group had significantly higher free Testosterone levels (+36%), lower SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) levels, and lower cortisol levels when compared to the high-protein low-carb group.

2 – Research has shown over and over that cortisol levels are higher on a low carb diet. A quick Google search will bring up a ton of studies. But cortisol is bad for testosterone levels.

3 – There is a hormone that in short starts the domino effect of testosterone production called GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone). If high amounts of glucose are present in the body, the hypothalamus inside our brains releases more GnRH, and thus our bodies synthesize more testosterone. You want this to be the case.

Carbohydrates provide glucose to our bodies. Low-carb diets usually mean lower blood, muscle, and brain glucose levels, leading to slower release of GnRH, which means lower Testosterone.

4 – Carbohydrates release anti-stress hormones and anti-catabolic hormones, which are good for preserving muscle tissue, and helping sleep. Sleep is vital to maintaining proper testosterone levels, and low body fat, and building the hard earned muscle we want.

5 – This is more of a personal reason but who the hell wouldn’t want to eat carbs? They’re delicious!

I am a big fan of carbohydrates, but I will say I think some carbs are better than others. And when I say carbs, I am talking about real whole foods, not sugar drinks, and fake boxed foods. I am talking about potatoes, yams, beets, rice, bread etc.

Hands holding out potatoes

Starchy Carbohydrates: potatoes, yams, pumpkins, beets, carrots, turnips, squash, etc.

Grains: wheat, rice, cereals, pasta, corn, bread, etc.

These are the two main types of whole food carbohydrates. I do eat both myself, but I try to eat the majority from the starch group. The grain carbohydrates are fine, as entire countries and regions of the world eat high grain (rice) diets, and do fine.

I find I feel more satisfied eating potatoes over bread, or sweet potatoes over corn. Plus certain grains contain gluten which can affect some people, as well as phytonutrients that can trigger inflammation in some; inflammation promotes cortisol, which reduces testosterone.

Do not fret if you eat from the grain group, but I try to eat the majority of my carbs from the starch group.


Carbohydrates are important for testosterone, and general well being. They’re not unhealthy at all. The mass media will always need some food group to villainize, and currently it’s carbohydrates. Wait 5-10 years and it will be dietary fat again. Don’t follow the mASSES!


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