If I place a product here, it is something that I 100% agree with. The research, effort and time that went into these products/services are impressive. It will be in-line with my concept of DapperFitness. Everything on this page I personally own or am a member of, have read, and implemented to success.

Here are the recommendations:


TestShock-adTestShock (formerly Testosterone I/O) is an awesome product I recommended. If you’re looking to build an amazing physique you better make sure your Testosterone levels are optimal and high. I believe TestShock is the best way to optimize and raise your T-levels naturally. 

TestShock is the complete A-Z guide to natural testosterone enhancement. A Thoroughly researched, evidence based program, packed into this easy to understand form that guarantees results for guys who take ACTION.

Oh and the best part? It’s written by one of the brightest minds in the field of natural testosterone optimization, Chris Walker.

Why is he the brightest mind in the field? Well let me explain.

Chris is a neuroscience major from Duke university who overcame extremely difficult hormonal disturbances at a young age, eventually reaching 1192 ng/dl total testosterone level 100% naturally, by using only training, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.

I’ve researched natural testosterone optimization some, the knowledge that Chris has about the subject easily surpasses mine and just about anyone else out there. He is literally my go-to guy when I want to understand more about the T, and the only guy I trust 100% when it comes to natural hormone enhancement.

The TestShock program includes:

  • 264-page e-book (readable on all devices), teaching you everything you EVER need to know about boosting natural testosterone production.
  • 3-hour long audiobook version.
  • 3 full 6-month training programs and 4 sample weekly meal plans, for maximizing the big T.
  • Exclusive “T-Booster” Supplement Interview with Kurtis Gruters of (I highly recommend that you read this before buying any supplements).
  • 50% off coupon to TestShock’s “Aggressive Shred Program”.
  • Full ’60-day no questions asked money back guarantee’ from ClickBank (largest provider of digital programs and books in the World).

“I wouldn’t think twice about about TestShock, optimizing your T-levels is important for so many reasons; building a great body, having a good mood, sex life, sleep, the list goes on. I recommend every man to read TestShock”.