Street Style Shoes

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Street Style Shoes

Here is a quick post on a recent street-style shoe I picked up. A lot of men’s style and fashion is geared toward more traditional dress-style shoes; boots, loafers, monk-straps etc. But you can definitely wear a street-style shoe and still look dapper.

I personally favor a street dapper look more than a classic dapper look. Both are great, both work, and both can reflect one’s personality.

Recent Purchase:

nike sb janoski max NY

Dark Street-Style Shoe

I like these street-style shoes for several reasons:

  • They have a dark sole – try to avoid white soled sneakers
  • The leather is premium – providing a richer-looking experience
  • The overall shoe is dark – which gives a more dapper feel

What to wear with street-style shoes:

Pair any of the above bottoms with a 3-Button Henley or a button-up shirt and you have a street dapper look.


Street style shoes

Street-style Shoes with Chinos and a Button-up.

Street-style shoes can be dressed up or down, and add a degree of edginess to your style. They provide a bit of attitude compared to a more traditional dress shoe. So don’t fear your love of street styled shoes, you can still wear them and look dapper.

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