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The Dapper Swim Trunk

With North America approaching Spring time and warmer weather, I feel it’s necessary to address some ideas on purchasing the right swim trunks. Every guy should own some swim trunks, you may need them for a vacation, the hot tub, the beach, or maybe you’re lucky and have a pool.

Ideally you want to also be lean and muscular so you can show off your dapper fit physique because you are as close to being naked as you can get.

The right swim trunk should be a fairly easy purchase but there are some do’s and don’ts.

If you follow the advice below, you will look dapper and stand out from the masses because so many guys get this wrong.

For sake of simplicity, I am going to group together the traditional swim trunk with the board short. There are slight differences but you can find the correct fit and style with both now-a-days.

Traditional Swim Trunk

Traditional Swim Trunk

navy blue board shorts

Board Shorts

You want to go with a swim trunk that is shorter than what you might normally consider. The biggest mistake you can make is having swim trunks that go to the middle of your calf and look like a kid stuck in high school. When I say short, I do not mean a speedo, man thong, or butt hugging shorts either.

Moderation is key here. I generally like to aim for above the knee by 1-3 inches. Enough to show off your athletically built legs (article coming soon) while still being masculine. Fit is key as with all clothing. You want them to fit your legs and taper towards your knee. Excessively long shorts hide your physique and make you look short and pudgy.

The great thing about a swim trunk is it is not formal so you have some freedom to use color and patterns. But I still recommend you stay on the simpler side of things with solids, or basic patterns like the shorts pictured above.

You want your swim trunks to be dapper, like an adult, not a child.

You don’t want your shorts to scream obnoxious.

obnoxious looking swim trunks

Obnoxious Swim Trunks


  • Shorter than you think, around 1-3 inches above the knee
  • Solid or basic patterns, nothing obnoxious
  • If you use them often, look for 2-3 swim trunks you can wear

Be Fit. Dress Great!


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