The 3-Button Henley

As you all know, here at Dapper Fitness we are striving to have a lean, dense, muscular body. Can you guess what else? That’s right! Dress and present yourself in a trim, neat, masculine and confident way: Dapper!

Before we discuss a piece of clothing I think every man’s closet should have, I want to go over a bit of my dapper concept. Fashion is a big, fast-changing industry that is nearly impossible to keep up with. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a fashionable guy. In fact, here at Dapper Fitness, the majority of recommendations and ideas I will present, are classic and timeless pieces versus the latest trends/fads that come and go.

Having a few core timeless staples also makes your life a whole lot easier!

The 3 Button Henley


3 button Henley

The 3 button Henley is a shirt every guy should own. Plus, if you’re rocking the Dapper Fitness body, this shirt will show off your lean, dense, muscular build. If you need helping building muscle, see this “article”.

Places to wear a 3-button Henley:

  • Normal day to day events (errands, concerts, sporting events)
  • Date night – You can dress it up by wearing boots and a jacket over the Henley.  Or go more casual with a pair of Sperry’s shoes.
  • Casual Fridays at work.

Tips for buying a Henley:

  • Try on one size down (don’t be scared), but use your best judgement. Or better yet, ask for the opinion of a woman who works at the store about the fit.
  • Buy charcoal grey, or black, or navy. OR all three!

Now go rock your 3 button Henley.  You’ll look Dapper and Fit!


***UPDATE: Make sure you pair your Henley with some nice slim dark denim.

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