The Chukka Boot

A man’s shoe is a critical piece of his wardrobe. There are so many variables in today’s age it is almost impossible to pick a “staple” shoe. Dress shoes, sneakers, boots, loafers, where the hell do you start? I am going to give you what I’d consider the most versatile shoe to fit the Dapper Fitness style.

The Chukka Boot

The Chukka is an ankle boot with two or three eyeholes. They are available in a wide range of materials: dressier Chukkas will have leather while more casual versions are made of suede. The beauty of Chukkas is in their simplicity and versatility. Their versatility is the # 1 reason I selected them to be a staple. They can worn on a date, a night on the town, bar hopping, working around the house, family events, the kids soccer game, just about anywhere except very formal events. Even an office or business environment is an acceptable place to utilize the Chukka.

Chukkas are so simple they can be worn within any age group, a truly timeless shoe.


From my own experience, Chukkas are a great shoe choice for many reasons. They look great in most situations. They are an excellent choice for traveling due to their comfort and versatility. Your feet won’t hate you after a lot of walking either.

A “Slim Dark Jean” with a “3-Button Henley” and a pair of Chukkas is a simple yet dapper look. Toss on a button up shirt for a dressier feel. You can even put on a blazer to jazz it up more.


Chukka Outfit Grid

Be Fit. Dress Great!


*** To be on the safe side avoid wearing Chukkas to funerals, job interviews, or black-tie events. They can be worn with shorts but proceed with caution!


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