The Slim Wallet

The Slim Wallet

Following the theme of Dapper Fitness, the wallet is no exception. In fact, dressing in form fitting clothing to look sharp requires having a slim fit wallet as well. Good luck having the typical huge bi-fold wallet full of 2 year old receipts in your slim dark jeans. And if you aren’t wearing slim dark jeans, start!

There is a good chance you are a Seinfeld fan. So George Costanza is a perfect example of the typical guy and his wallet. And this is exactly what we do not want. The term Costanza Wallet has been coined over the years, and often used when poking fun at someone’s wallet.


Instead of carrying around a bi-fold or even worse a tri-fold, I recommend a slim front pocket wallet. There are several options out there, and surely one to fit your taste.  This kind of wallet does limit the amount of space you have, but that is a good thing. Clutter is unnecessary nonsense! A good front pocket wallet can hold around 4-6 cards, and some cash.

I think a benefit of a smaller wallet is that it prevents you from carrying around every receipt from the beginning of time, and every membership card that you own. You learn to carry what you need and use regularly. Plus, it looks more Dapper!

Below are some Slim Wallets that I own and use. They have the Dapper Fitness Seal of Approval.

SaddleBack Leather ID wallet

Don’t over complicate this. Find a slim front pocket wallet that carries 4-6 cards and some cash. It can be cloth material or leather, I say opt for leather. Leather ages great, last forever and smells wonderful.

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions if you need help finding a slim wallet. I will confess, I have a slight obsession with wallets and own more than I care to admit.

Be Fit. Dress Great!


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