The Solid T-Shirt

solid t shirt

What About a T-Shirt

Can I wear a T-shirt? This is a very common question amongst the growing dapper crowd, one I am often asked. My answer is yes, yes you can. I find nothing wrong with wearing a T-shirt and Slim Fit Jeans. BUT there a few guidelines I recommend following.

  1. Fit is by far the most important
  2. Solid color(s)
  3. Make it the exception, not the rule

Nothing screams poorly dressed and “I don’t care” more than a boxy, non-fitting, T-shirt. You need to make sure the T-shirt fits you well. Whether it is a crew neck, v-neck, or a scoop neck, make sure it fits you. The shirt needs to follow the shape of your body, which is hopefully v-tapered. It does not have to be skin tight, but you definitely want it to be form fitting.

The shirt should be the correct length, it’s not a crop top gentlemen, nor should it cover your ass. Think somewhere just below your belt line. The sleeves should fall somewhere on the bicep, and the sleeve opening should be tight enough so you don’t get the dreaded extra material crease.

nice fitting v neck t shirt

Yours Truly Wearing a Nice Fitting T-Shirt

Stick to solid colors. They’re simple and they look better. We’re not little boys. So ditch the logo and graphic T-shirts, unless you are working under a car, painting a house, or moving furniture. Solid colors help neutralize age as well; they give the young man a more adult, developed feel, while providing the older man with a respectable look that doesn’t scream mid-life crisis by trying to relive their younger years.

And remember, wear the T-shirt sparingly. We want to make it the exception, not the rule. You want to think of wearing a T-shirt for certain occasions, not just the standard go-to option that most men do. You want your daily driver to be a button-up of some sorts, or even a 3-Button Henley.

Ball games, concert, running errands, or doing yard work are all appropriate places for wearing a T-shirt; I think you get the idea. Just make sure you do it infrequently. Choose a solid-color T-shirt with the right fit, and you will look great.

Something as simple as the T-shirt can really make or break an appearance. Follow the 3 guidelines above and you can look dapper and feel confident while doing so.

Be Fit. Dress Great!


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