Was it Really a Good Workout? Be Honest

Today at the gym I overheard (OK, maybe I was eavesdropping haha) a guy telling his friend that he had a great workout. Long story short, the friend asked why and the guy basically rambled off a bunch of nothingness.  It got me thinking, what makes a good workout?

What Constitutes a “Good Workout”?

Oftentimes, you’ll hear people say, “Man that was a great workout!” The questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Why was this a good workout?
  • Did I add more weight to the bar?
  • Did I do more reps with the same weight?

The above questions will actually determine if you had a good workout. You might remember that in the 3 keys to building muscle article I wrote (Click here to read) I talk about intensity and progression being vital keys. And with the goal of Dapper Fitness, strength progression will be our main driver of success and progress.

Usually, what people mean when they say they had a good workout is that the workout left them sore and tired (Cross Fit anyone?). The last time I checked, the point of working out was not being sore and tired, but actually progressing and improving your performance, and hence, your physique. Don’t forget to dress well 🙂 I’ll be covering some simple dress attire soon!

To me, a good workout means that I somehow improved from the last workout, I lifted more weight, I added more rep(s), etc.

Now that you know what to ask, the next time you leave the gym, you’ll be able to determine whether you had a good workout and answer accurately if someone asks.


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