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My name is Will Bautista.

Nice to meet you 🙂

Welcome to my website Dapper Fitness!

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I have long been interested in fitness and men's fashion (more on that in a minute). I grew up playing sports, and even played collegiate golf. I lifted weights here and there, but nothing too serious. After college I started to frequent the gym more and more, as I wanted to stay in shape, and look good.

Here is where the idea and birth of Dapper Fitness came about. After surfing the internet in search of fitness related goals of mine, I realized there weren't a lot of websites I enjoyed. The quality and material on a lot of them were fine, but not what I wanted exactly.  I've never had an interest in being a big muscle bound guy (if you do, that's great) which MOST of the fitness niche on the internet is about.

The fashion part I mentioned early plays a big role in my goals. I always liked the more GQ, Hollywood, debonair, and "DAPPER" look that models and actors have. So having a lean, muscular physique, and dressing well has always been my interest. I think the two go hand in hand. Why have a beach body and not know how to convey that? Or limit yourself to non-fashionable clothing by being too big, or out of shape?

So again, welcome to Dapper Fitness. Your new home and one stop resource to building a dapper fit body, and dressing like a man who knows what he is doing. I look forward to sharing some really cool ideas, concepts, how-to's, and hearing from the Dapper Fitness community.


PS Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, or list any topics you would like to see covered.

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